Kentucky is a state in the southern United States and contains over 120 counties, 173 school districts, 1,228 public school systems with over 650,000 students.  Kentucky is a great place to spread and promote the Chinese language and culture, but it was a challenge reaching those who live further way from Bowling Green, KY.

Thus, the vision was to develop a mobile model, in which we could share the Chinese language, and culture throughout all of Kentucky.  The mobile model would consist of a 40’ X 13’ X 8’ RV (recreational vehicle), which would be converted into a Chinese Museum on Wheels.  The name of the mobile was the “Chinese Cultural Experience,” which consists of 6 difference compartments of Costumes, Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Musical Instruments, Traditional Chinese toys, and games.  The idea was conceived in September 2013, and to date has travelled more than 7,500 miles throughout the state of Kentucky and is visited by more than 30,000 students each year.

The unit can travel to any site within the state of Kentucky, so anyone wanting to bring the unit to your school, event, or location, please fill out the attached form: